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Stained Glass- Butterfly Turquoise

Butterfly- Stained Glass3
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This is a Beautiful Frosted Glass Multi Colored Vintage Handmade Butterfly & Flower Dreamcatcher Stained Glass.

It is made with age-old authentic techniques similar to the style used in Church windows, crafted with placing hand-cut glass into Leading Trim. The back is frosted glass and has a crescent moon-shaped design.

The antique-looking stained glass butterfly window corners, will add an element of sparkling interest throughout the length of the day, and capture bad dreams at night, resulting in peaceful sleep for you or your loved one.

The corners are vibrantly colored in blues, greens, textured clear & gray wings, with added crystal & beads for movement even with the slightest breeze.

Material – colored glass, lead channels. Crystals, glass beads.



1 in stock

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Dimensions 50 × 35 cm