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Stained Glass- Accent Lights

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Product Description

"Stained Glass" refers to coloured glass as a material, or works created from this material. Traditionally used in church windows for hundreds of years, stained glass became popular in household artefacts like lamps when Tiffany's began selling them. The binding material in stained glass is Lead.

The process of making an art piece out of it includes:

  1. drawing a composition on paper, and ensuring that it is suited for stained glass cutting
  2. using this paper as an underlay, and cutting the glass pieces to be welded together
  3. using Lead channels to affix two glass pieces next to each other
  4. soldering the lead as the art piece grows.

The final structure is put witin a strong frame as the Lead tends to be fragile in certain parts.


The lights in the image are also called Moroccan Lamps. They are pendant, hang from the ceiling, and look stunning against the meeting edge of two walls. They let out plenty of light, cast beautiful shadows, and have patina metal detailing on them.

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Dimensions 50 × 50 × 60 cm