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Swans in a pair- Large

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Made in solid brass.


This pair of swans contains two non-identical swans-

One with bowed neck, and the second with raised neck.

They look lovely together, and can be turned in different directions. They make for classy & rice festive decor.

As per Feng Shui, swans are a symbol of love and romance.

A collector's pair and special gift to whom you care for, especially couples.


In Celtic tradition, swans are associated with deities of healing waters and the Sun.

They have mastered the elements of water, earth and air.

They are shape-shifters that can take human form.


In Hindu tradition, swans are revered because they represent the perfect union, and the spirit of Brahma.


These swans can be used as stunning Table or Cabinet decor.


Feng Shui Placement: This pair of swans should be placed where they are easily visible on the way to the bedroom.

This is because the bedroom for obvious reasons is a frequented place, and seeing the pair of swans repeatedly increases love and attachment towards each other in the mind.

Swans mate for life, and are therefore a favourite symbol for the energy of love & life long devotion in relationships and marriages. They represent marital fidelity and a union that is happy and blissful.

Other benefits that come with having swans around are:
Grace, Love, Beauty, Purity, Elegance, Transformation, Peace, Tranquility, Calmness and Balance.

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