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Mahishasur Mardini Durga

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Dimensions 96 × 87 × 6 cm

‘Tradition’ to us, is customs and practices which have been shaped through different generations. It is an way of life which is transmitted- A way of thinking; A way of truth. ‘Traditional’ might not be ‘outdated’ or ‘old’ as it is popularly believed- It just needs to be approached and absorbed with the right perception.

Traditional Mysore paintings come from a once royal city in the South of India, called Mysore. These works of art are testimony to its opulence. They are characterized by fine relief work, done using chalk powder and organic gum. A layer of thin pure gold foil is pressed over the relief, and is sometimes highlighted with inks. The rendering is done realistically, often with a single-haired brush.

At first glance, one may notice similarites between the Mysore School of Art and the Tanjore school, the latter emerging from the neighbouring cit of Thanjavur. However, there are marked differences in the level of detail, focus and style of figures. Most importantly, in Tanjore paintings, the gold foil used is first coated on paper and then applied. In Mysore paintings, the gold foil is directly applied onto the relief. For both styles, artists today usually use water-based paints on gesso boards. Hours of hard labour go into each piece, big or small.

Irris commissions master artists in South India for its pieces. We take orders too.

Our magic lies in our extreme level of:

  1. Detail
  2. Realistic-style shading
  3. Unique, High-Quality inhouse framing


Board Preparation, application of gesso, relief work with chalk powder and gum, application of gold foil, painting the details, outlining the relief with the finest brushes, finishing with buff using soft stone.