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Faux Ivory- Rohi Blouse Painting

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from: The Dressage Series

Chintz is a glazed calico textile, originally referring to a special type of detailed floral pattern, from the Coromandel coast of India. The art of Chintz, though very similar to Kalamkari techniques, has some differences with the latter. Fine-resist dyeing is used to create beautiful internal patterns in white resist against a coloured ground.

Chintz was first made only on carpets, quilts and bed linen; gradually the patterns became finer and smaller for the fabric to be used for clothing for upper class men and women. These attires began to be replicated on original Ivory panels, as collector’s items, and found their way in museums of Europe. Some are also present in the Victoria and Albert Museum of London.

Chintz dresses show an exotic hybrid style that combined British, Indian and Chinese aesthetics.With a cotton fabric combination, it had a dramatic influence on fashion lifestyle in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

At Irris, we have been mesmerized by this history, and the design of Chintz itself. With our passion for Faux Ivory, our extreme interests in both these subjects has led us to master artists and craftsmen of Rajasthan. They have painted with immense dedication and fine detailing some dresses from this legacy. Each strand of embroidery can be seen in finest detail, and one might be tempted to brush their palm against the Faux Ivory panel to test its actual flatness. We are sure our collection is a connosieur’s item, not to mention a dream for someone passionate about detail in Fine Art.

About our Faux Ivory- the material is a specially cast polymer designed to mimic real ivory, which infact is now banned so as to reduce cruelty to animals. This material has a similar grain pattern, with occasional irregularities and a fine border. Guilt-free, we love this material for its richness and promise.

Thinnest brushes, sometimes with a single strand of hair, have been the tools. Only water-based colours have been used.

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Dimensions 46 × 53 × 3 cm