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Faux Ivory- Heng Royal Botany Handfan

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Women have been fluttering handfans for centuries- They have used them to create short whiffs of air, to attract attention, even to hide behind them.

These fans have an extra-ordinary beauty seen in their various shapes and sizes, with vibrant colours and intricate patterns or motifs.

Of all fans, Chinese fans from yester years have been found to have an intriguing history.

Some Chinese communities felt that these could purify the heart, please the spirit and ease tension. The aristocracy used these to wave off unpleasant odours, and to spread fragrances that women carried in their purses around their waist bands. Interestingly, some gentlemen also used these to make their point, when they had to emphasize their argument.


At Irris, we have been mesmerized by the object, and the design of the handfan itself. With our passion for Faux Ivory, our extreme interests in both these subjects has led us to master artists and craftsmen of Rajasthan. They have painted with immense dedication and fine detailing some handfans of the Chinese legacy. Each element can be perceived as 3-Dimensional, and one might be tempted to brush their palm against the Faux Ivory panel to test its actual flatness. We are sure our collection is a connosieur’s item, not to mention a dream for someone passionate about detail in Fine Art.

About our Faux Ivory- the material is a specially cast polymer designed to mimic real ivory, which infact is now banned so as to reduce cruelty to animals. This material has a similar grain pattern, with occasional irregularities and a fine border. Guilt-free, we love this material for its richness and promise.

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Dimensions 53 × 46 × 3 cm