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Corner Table-Wooden Jardinere

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Corner tables also called Jardinere to hold plants or ornamental objects.

Made in teak wood and lacquer polished.

Protective melamine coating done.

Top has shell inlay.

Width 11″ x 14.5 ”

Height 35″

Drawer height 2.5″




1 in stock

Product Description

Modern furniture is synonymous with artistic embellishments, contrasting inlays, plush fabrics, decorative trims, crown moldings and bringing back styles of forgotten eras in history.

This jardinere or tall side table is an ideal easy-to-move furniture piece, and can be used to hold keys, flowers, showpieces, trinkets and other pieces that you’d like to show as part of your home.

Ideal location:

- Beside a console table or foyer table

-At the entrance of the house

- By your sofa or reading corner

Material - Teak wood with lacquer polish and inlay work


Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 28 × 86 cm