Custom luxury home decor and modernized classic arts

series one | IT'S A BREEZE

Women have been fluttering handfans for centuries- They have used them to create whiffs of air, to attract attention, even to hide behind them. Some Chinese communities felt that handfans could purify the heart, please the spirit and ease tension.

The aristocracy used these to wave off unpleasant odours, and to spread fragrances that their women carried in purses and waist bands. Interestingly, some gentlemen used handfans to make their point.


At Irris, we have been mesmerized by the object, and the design of the handfan itself. With our passion for Faux Ivory, our extreme interests in both these subjects has led us to master artists and craftsmen of Rajasthan. They have painted with immense dedication and fine detailing some handfans of the Chinese legacy. Each element can be perceived as 3-Dimensional, and one might be tempted to brush their palm against the Faux Ivory panel to test its actual flatness. We are sure our collection is a connosieur’s item, not to mention a dream for someone passionate about detail in Fine Art.


series 2 | DRESSAGE

Chintz is a glazed calico textile, combining British, Indian and Chinese aesthetics. It originally refers to a special type of detailed floral pattern, from the Coromandel coast of India. It was first made only on carpets, quilts and bed linen; gradually the patterns became finer and smaller so as to be used in clothing for upper class men and women. They soon became collector’s items, and found their way in museums of Europe. Today some are present in the Victoria and Albert Museum of London.

At Irris, this craft has us gripped. Combined with our passion for Faux Ivory, we have replicated some of the dress designs in paint, with immense dedication and fine detailing. Each strand of embroidery can be seen, and one might be tempted to brush their palm against the Faux Ivory panel to test its actual flatness. 



When we first see a Pichwai, we are awed by its scale, its enormity. Then we start noticing its finer details- swirling patterns, crisscrossing grids, architecture, gopis, attendants, plants, animals, the moon, clouds…SHOW FULL

IRRIS 2018

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Stories of Gods and Goddesses illustrated on long rolls of fabric, and sung out loud by the respective artist to the villagers.

Key subjects: Deities from Bengali MythologySHOW FULL