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Bilvani- Wife of the Creator of the Universe

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In this photo: The charming and strong Saraswati, wife of the creator of the Universe, i.e., Brahma- Seen playing the veena, traversing with her swan, the symbol of spiritual perfection, transcendence and moksha.

Bengal Patachitras are an ancient folk art, and at Irris, we patronize artists who use this style.
Patachitra is made up of two words Pata (meaning cloth) and Chitra (meaning picture). These paintings are traditionally stories on cloth, which are sung out loud by the artists who make them. Usually depicting Gods and Goddesses, Patachitras now depict contemporary events and social messages such as education as well.

This artform is appreciated by art lovers all over the world for its effortless style of drawings, colours, lines and space usage. It has been mentioned in the Puranas, Epics, Ancient Literatures and Historical Descriptions.

Our collection at Irris depicts Gods and Goddesses from Hindu mythology. We have chosen a very earthy tone for the painting, so that it effortlessly matches in various setups. The artists are from the villages, where every wall, every brick is a work of art.

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